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What is Stem Cell Conditioned Media?

What is Stem Cell Conditioned Media?
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What is a stem cell?

Look at your skin today. Everything that you see, every cell, will be completely renewed in a few weeks in a process known as skin turnover. Behind this renewal, buried deep in the basal (innermost) layer of your skin are the pluripotent (meaning capable of becoming any type of cell in the body) stem cells driving this regeneration. Stem cells have the potential to grow and mature into all of the specialized cells that will become your skin tomorrow.

This ongoing process of skin turnover repairs damage due to UV, injury, infection, and the general wear and tear of modern life.

What is Stem Cell Conditioned Media?

Stem cells are our natural source of healthy, supple skin. They are also amazingly versatile biological factories producing a rich broth (i.e. the ‘conditioned media’) of peptides, growth factors, exosomes, lipids, and nutrients — which support your skin’s natural resilience in response to stress and enhances its capacity to renew itself.

Our Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SCCM) is a balanced and complete preparation of this broth derived from healthy adult human stem cells grown in the lab. The “media” that results from the once harvested stem cell has been conditioned to include all of the products the cell makes without actually having any living cells in it.

Growth Factors & Exosomes

Growth factors are signaling proteins — the communicators — that stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. Exosomes are the delivery mechanism to shuttle proteins, lipids, small bits of RNA, and other factors from cell to cell — connecting and synchronizing all of the cells as they differentiate and regenerate your skin. Most come in the form of peptides, strings of specific amino acids that support healthy collagen, rejuvenation and skin turnover.

Working together in harmony with the other components, growth factors and exosomes help reduce the signs of aging by supporting your skin’s natural capacity for renewal, and can lead to soft, younger-looking, supple and evenly toned skin.

The Benefits of The Answer Reparative Serum

The Answer Serum contains 50% Stem Cell Conditioned Media and only 5 other natural ingredients (including water) so that it is simple, balanced, and extremely effective. Informed by our understanding of the skin microbiome, the SCCM in The Answer is produced under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratory conditions and undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to assure potency. The Answer’s highly potent and minimal formulation ensures maximum efficacy — the targeted ingredients help to maintain skin’s brightness and even skin tone, help calm temperamental skin, and combat the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The reward for your skin? A glowing, undeniable radiance.

Our entire line of minimal and effective skincare is intentionally formulated to restore health to all skin.

More skincare questions? Our Skin Health Concierge is here to assist you. Schedule a consultation.

Writer and expert
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