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Less Than 10 Promise

Less Than 10 Promise
Writer and expert2 months ago
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How we created minimal formulas with maximum impact

At Symbiome, we focus on science—including the ways of nature. We research the evolutionary biology of the skin microbiome to understand how human skin has co-evolved over time and how to address its needs in today’s environment. This brought us to our Less Than 10 Promise. It’s our commitment that every Symbiome product contains less than 10 ingredients and that all ingredients are clean, traceable, and sustainable. This purposeful approach is also less taxing on the environment, a responsibility we take very seriously.

The microbiome connection

Our skin microbiome is a complex community of bacteria, fungi and viruses that resides on our skin and are important contributors to a healthy skin barrier. However, our research shows that we are less resilient than we once were. As a consequence of our current lifestyle, the modern skin microbiome has been depleted of a bulk of evolutionary microbes and the essential nutrients, vitamins, and co-factors those microbes once produced for healthy skin. Symbiome products are inspired by our skin microbiome research and are designed to restore a healthy resilience to our skin.

Why fermentation?

Using the Symbiome proprietary Postbiomic process, we formulate products that fulfill the nutritional gap on our skin with the power of microbial fermentation. Fermentation is a natural way of concentrating and optimizing the bioavailability of vitamins, essential amino acids, bioactive peptides, and antioxidants. Symbiome’s Postbiomic fermentation process takes place in the Caatinga Biome in Brazil, where sustainably harvested Amazon rainforest plants are naturally fermented with microbes from the plant’s own microbiome. Because these plants and their microbes co-evolved together, our Postbiomic fermentation unlocks maximum benefit and potency. These ferments return natural nourishment to our skin, restoring a healthy resilience we have lost in our modern world. Our targeted approach to skin supplementation with highly potent fermented oils ensures maximum benefits with fewer ingredients.

Luxurious, efficacious formulations, minus the chemical laundry list

Most skincare products today average 20+ ingredients, often with harsh bioactives, stabilizing agents, and synthetic preservatives. Over time, these artificial chemicals tend to stress our already weakened skin barrier and its microbiome. At Symbiome, we minimize our skin’s exposure to chemicals by abstaining from synthetic ingredients in our formulations. Instead, we turn to naturally-occurring bio-emulsifiers and antimicrobial peptides for our proprietary BioIntact emulsion process. We do not require a heating step, which saves energy consumption and keeps the bioactives intact. The combined effect of this process is our self-stabilizing, self-preserving, cold-processed lush BioIntact emulsions. The One and The Luminary are formulated with only intentional ingredients: water, Postbiomic fermented oils, and our proprietary lactobacillus ferment. And it means all of our products have less than 10 ingredients in them—some as few as three ingredients.

Less Than 10 is our promise at Symbiome and a commitment that informs all of our future product development. With our cleansers, treatments, and moisturizers, your skin gets precisely what it needs to function at its healthiest intended state.

Writer and expert
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