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How did retinoids get into plants?

How did retinoids get into plants?
Writer and expert2 months ago
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When we think of retinoids, we automatically think of lab-manufactured ingredients and cream-based prescriptions.

Symbiome is radically reframing that mental image. Retinol doesn’t have to be harsh, it doesn’t have to be synthetic or intimidating. Retinol delivered by nature is nourishing, gentle and non-sensitizing. Using Symbiome, retinol can be right for all skin.

How we do it:

It always comes back to fermentation. We start with sustainably sourced Amazonian plants that contain carotenoids (think carrots, but also our star ingredients Pequi, Xanana, and Sanoma Flower). Add in the microbes, which unlock valuable biomolecules and transform carotenoids into retinol.

The result? A balanced composition of naturally-occurring retinol and fat-soluble vitamins, delivered in optimized single ingredients found throughout our products. These ingredients contain the full continuum of retinol - those readily available for absorption and those the skin breaks down as needed.

Let’s put this into practice:

Recharge002 Postbiomic™ Oil contains fermented Pequi* oil. In this fermented state, Pequi has naturally-occurring carotenoids: beta carotene, cryptoxanthin, which are pro-retinoids — the precursors to Vitamin A (retinol) — that our body converts to retinoids. Plus, thanks to microbial metabolism, a portion of these carotenoids is also converted to retinoids, readily absorbed by the skin. Because these bioactives are natural and not manufactured in a lab, there is no sensitization to skin.

*When our in-house team of microbiologists performed scientific analysis of Pequi in its raw form versus the fermented state, the difference was astounding. The oil was suddenly packed with these anti-aging bioactives, beta-carotene, + beta-cryptoxanthin and retinoids (retinoic acid; retinal; retinol).

Our dermatologist has testified to the differentiating and gentle nature of carotenoids: “These balanced compositions don’t produce the photosensitivity, redness, dry skin or peeling that can occur with products containing high concentrations of synthetic retinoids. Additionally, carotenoids are potent antioxidants - preventing production of oxidative free radicals, which in itself, can prevent signs of aging.”

This is just one example of the power of microbes. This is the power of skincare as nature intended.

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Writer and expert
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