Our Story

Our Story

It all starts with a microbial blueprint of the past.

Looking to nature.

There was once a time when we lived in symbiosis with the natural world around us. Humans, animals, plants, and microbes are intended to coexist in harmony. An intricate connection within a mutually beneficial ecosystem – that is our Symbiome.
However, just as the natural balance of our environment has been disrupted by the realities of the modern world, so has our health and the health of our skin.

Pioneering microbiome science into skin health.

Advances in microbiome science have fundamentally transformed our relationship to the microbial world. Up until recently, we’ve been trained to believe bacteria are ‘bad’ actors, to be cleansed entirely from our skin. In truth, networks of beneficial microbial ecosystems nurture and support our health. A resilient and balanced microbiome is the best way to prevent skin problems and disease. Symbiome is pioneering this new science to restore skin’s natural resilience, health, and beauty.

An intentional approach to skincare.

Our research on the microbiome of the past allows us to identify what our skin is missing today. Our formulations are crafted to restore the broken connection to our environment and nourish skin with unique, bioactive compounds it functionally needs to achieve natural balance.

Harnessing the power of microbes via fermentation of sustainably-sourced Amazonian botanicals, we replace beneficial metabolites–essential vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids–that once enabled healthy skin.