Our Science

Our Science

Symbiome’s research is a bridge between our past and our future.

Much more than skin deep.

Microbial diversity is the key to biological resilience. Your microbiome is the myriad of invisible microorganisms that colonize your skin, your gut, and every surface of your body to help it function at its prime. It contributes to your natural defenses, conditioning your immune system, and is a source of the biomolecules that help keep you healthy. Everything we do at Symbiome is a reflection of our commitment to simple yet effective skincare, inspired by the ancestral microbiome, enabled by rigorous scientific research and formulated to facilitate our lost skin health.

Through extensive research, specific to the evolutionary biology of the skin microbiome, our scientists uncovered that our modern lifestyle has led to approximately 80% loss of bacterial diversity on the skin, diminishing 25% of its metabolic function. This loss depleted our skin of naturally abundant antioxidants, essential vitamins, fatty acids and co-factors, leaving us vulnerable and less resilient to environmental stressors of the modern world.

Postbiomic™ Fermentation

Postbiomic: Symbiome's proprietary form of postbiotic that aims to restore missing or deficient microbiome functionality to support skin health. Developed over decades, the fermentation process uses a unique blend of native microbes that naturally unlock and optimize the delivery of essential nutrients, enzymes, and other biomolecules. Not only does this process break down biomolecules so they are more readily absorbed by the skin and prevent degradation, but it also reduces energy usage. The result: optimal bioavailability and shelf stability, with minimal footprint.

Biointact™ Emulsion

Symbiome's proprietary cold-emulsion process allows us to create supercharged Biointact™ creams with as few as three ingredients. 

How do we do this?
The naturally-occurring bioemulsifiers in our Lactobacillus Ferment (a unique postbiotic) allow the water-based and oil ingredients to form a stable cream when combined. This blend delivers a host of nutrients, polysaccharides, exosomes, enzymes, and peptides, allowing each emulsion to be naturally self-stabilizing. By completely eliminating heat, we preserve the potency and rich biological integrity of our natural ingredients, optimize the benefits to the skin, and dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

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